Benetti Danilo

I'm a student of Laurea Magistrale (master) in Informatica at Università degli Studi di Milano - Bicocca.

I can be reached at d.benetti1 AT

Activity performed while with iralab

  • Robot localization in existing 3D LIDAR-based map through point cloud registration.
    • type: laurea magistrale thesis
    • tutor: Sorrenti Domenico Giorgio
    • advisor(s): Cattaneo Daniele, Ballardini Augusto Luis
    • description of work: 3D LIDAR-based map building from point clouds with initial pose estimation; localization in existing 3D maps through point cloud registration using classical methods (e.g. iterative closest point); map learning using deep neural networks for autonomous localization.
    • from 22.02.18