Bianchini Fabrizio

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I'm a student of Laurea triennale (bachelor) in Informatica at Università degli Studi di Milano - Bicocca.

I can be reached at f DOT bianchini AT campus DOT unimib DOT it.

Activity performed while with iralab

  • A robotic mapping platform based on laser scanner
    • type: laurea stage
    • tutor: Sorrenti Domenico Giorgio
    • advisor(s): Furlan Axel
    • description of work. The work aims at integrating some existing software modules in order to build a single robotic mapping application based on a laser scanner, rotated by a mechanical turret about a vertical axis; the work includes the development of the graphical interface and the display of 3D results and this will be based on publicly available existing components. The application will be deployed on the iralab mapper robot. In a first version, the robot will be moved by hand to perform some preliminary mapping of some university areas. Afterwards, a joypad will be integrated so to make it possible to remotely control the robot; this task will also be performed exploing existing software modules. In addition, if the 4 wheels (2 traction and 2 castor) configuration of the robot will turn out to be unsuitable for the foreseen operations of the robot (mapping of urban outdoor environments), I'll work out a mechanical modification to reduce the 2 castor wheel to 1, so to have a 3 wheeler (2 traction and 1 castor) platform. In the end, an extended experimental work will be performed with the remote version of the application and robot.
    • from 15.10.14