Ferretti Lorenzo

Foto profilo

I'm a student of Laurea (bachelor) in Informatica at Università degli Studi di Milano - Bicocca.

I can be reached at l.ferretti3@campus.unimib.it

Activity performed while with iralab

  • Indoor people localization
    • type: stage
    • tutor: Sorrenti Domenico Giorgio
    • advisor: Furlan Axel
    • The internship aims to development a indoor localization system using wireless sensor networks. For the detection of the position will be used different type of sensors: volumetric sensor organized in a ZigBee network and inertial sensor fitted by the person. The sensor data will be send to a processing unit by different network infrastructures, the processing unit will execute the data processing in order to estimate the position. The system will be used as part of a “telemedicine” project. Focus of the internship will be the communication between the sensors and the acquisition and processing of the data for the position estimation.
    • from 02.10.13 to 20.01.14