Quattro Ruote, March 2013

Short autonomous car driving demo, with interview and photo session for the magazine "Quattro Ruote". In this demo we just showed our autonomous car driving inside an indoor parking lot at a very low speed.

This has been the first live demo after the (too long and bleeding) refurbishing of the vehicle. In the end, we spent more time speaking of mapping the driving area than for the actual demo. The demo took place in the underground garage of the U5-U9 building and we did not get in the outside parking lot, as we had no time for fine tuning the parameters of the controller of the new steering mechanism. For that reason the risk to have the vehicle stuck in some narrow passageway was too large; in particular, we were afraid of getting stuck while navigating the long and narrow alley formed by the parked cars and the hedge that separates the parking lot from the pedestrian sidewalk of via Cozzi (yellow arrow in the picture below).

The online version of the paper published in the magazine can be found here (this is).


A video of the demo can be found below.