Multi-IMU System

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The project involves the design and development of a microprocessor-based system capable to determine the pose of a rigid body on which a certain number of IMUs have been mounted (the number of IMUs will be larger than 3; each IMU will include a 3-axes accelerometer, a 3-axes gyroscope, a 3-axes magnetometer, and the barometer).

The entire system must adapt to the different spatial pose of the IMUs, so that the system can be mounted on different vehicles, of course within limits defined during the design. Target vehicles are the USAD cart and the OTTO mobile base.

The software will handle the synchronization of the data acquisition from the IMUs, and at least preliminary filtering of the raw-data from the IMUs in order to compute a more robust pose estimate and the off-line calibration of the pose of the IMUs with reference to the rigid body.