An Online Probabilistic Road Intersection Detector

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Abstract - In this paper we propose a probabilistic approach for detecting and classifying urban road intersections from a moving vehicle. The approach is based on images from an onboard stereo rig; it relies on the detection of the road ground plane on one side, and on a pixel-level classification of the road on the other. The two processing pipelines are then integrated and the parameters of the road components, i.e., the intersection geometry, are inferred. As opposed to other state-of-the-art offline methods, which require processing of the whole video sequence, our approach integrates the image data by means of an online procedure. The experiments have been performed on well-known KITTI datasets, allowing for future comparisons.

Published in the proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, ICRA 2017; ieeexplore link to the paper.

author={A. L. Ballardini and D. Cattaneo and S. Fontana and D. G. Sorrenti}, 
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title={An online probabilistic road intersection detector}, 
keywords={geometry;image classification;image sequences;probability;road vehicles;traffic engineering computing;video signal processing;KITTI datasets;intersection geometry;moving vehicle;onboard stereo rig;online probabilistic road intersection detector;pixel-level classification;road components;urban road intersections classification;video sequence;Detectors;Geometry;Image reconstruction;Pipelines;Probabilistic logic;Roads;Three-dimensional displays}, 

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