KITTI Player

Kitti Player aims to play the whole kitti data into the ROS system. You can find all the source code in our github channel and download the KITTI sequences from the KITTI website.


help           h    help message
directory      d    *required* - path to the kitti dataset Directory
frequency      f    set replay Frequency
all            a    replay All data
velodyne       v    replay Velodyne data
gps            g    replay Gps data
imu            i    replay Imu d
grayscale      G    replay Stereo Grayscale images
color          C    replay Stereo Color images
viewer         V    enable image viewer
timestamps     T    use KITTI timestamps
stereoDisp     s    use pre-calculated disparities
viewDisp       D    view loaded disparity images
frame          F    start playing at frame...
gpsPoints      p    publish GPS/RTK markers to RVIZ, having reference frame as  [example: -p map]
synchMode      S    Enable Synch mode (wait for signal to load next frame [std_msgs/Bool "data: true"]

kitti_player needs a directory tree like the following:
└── 2011_09_26_drive_0001_sync
    ├── image_00              
    │   └── data              
    │   └ timestamps.txt      
    ├── image_01              
    │   └── data              
    │   └ timestamps.txt      
    ├── image_02              
    │   └── data              
    │   └ timestamps.txt      
    ├── image_03              
    │   └── data              
    │   └ timestamps.txt      
    ├── oxts                  
    │   └── data              
    │   └ timestamps.txt      
    ├── velodyne_points       
    │   └── data              
    │     └ timestamps.txt    
    └── calib_cam_to_cam.txt